Have you ever watched any documentary movies capturing life of sepias? If you have, you surely remember their specific motions which became an inspiration for a group of students from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and made up a submarine drone called Sepios.

The drone is equipped with four fins allowing it to move smoothly in all directions – and that was one of the main goals of the project. Sepios is meant to be used for observation of sea animals in their natural habitat. It is an ideal tool for filming regular life of fish and other sea creatures thanks to the outstanding mobility and a sepia-like appearance.

How does Sepios actually work? Each of the four fins can be controlled separately and enables the robot to move round different axis and in any direction. During last year’s testing on a French coast, Sepios managed to find its way through dense seagrass. Turning around in any direction wasn’t a problem even in greater streams.

The robot is 71 cm long and 94 cm wide. Under water, it can move at the speed of up to 1,6 km/h. Its battery provides enough energy for it to endure under water for an hour and half. It can safely sink in the depth of 9 meters’ maximum. If you’re interested in this project, watch some videos with us or look at the page dedicated straight to this project.

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