We finally managed to obtain a drone. It is a quadcopter Hubsan FPV X4 Brushless which was lent to us by the very manufacturer.

Hubsan FPV X4 Brushless is an excellently equipped drone with a 5,8 GHz FPV video transmission, a GPS locator, a barometer and also the “follow me” function. What does it mean? That even a newbie would be capable of flying it. The controlling of this device is so easy that even an unexperienced person gets it after a few minutes. We are going to deal with the flight properties later in a review. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the package content and we’ll have a little talk about the design and elaboration too.


  • size: 22 x 22 x 7 cm
  • weight: 410 grams
  • camera: 1920 x 1080/30 fps
  • motors: brushless, KV1650 PM1806
  • battery: 2300 mAh, flight duration up to 20 minutes
  • range: 300 meters
  • other: GPS, barometer, headless mode, follow me, 5,8 GHz FPV, RTH

The package content:

The wrapping of the drone is similar to the DJI’s. The box is equipped with a plastic holder, it is firm and minimalistic. There’s everything you need for the first flight inside. You’ll find a drone, a battery, a transmitter, two complete set of propellers, a spanner to set up the propellers, a charger, an English tutorial and a microUSB cable. It is essential to buy a microSD card and two AA batteries – buying cheap ones doesn’t pay off.

The construction and elaboration:

The Hubsan FPV X4 Brushless drone is made of hard and pleasant-to-touch plastic. It is available in black & gold or white & gold design. We got to test the white & gold combination which is much more visible in terrain and, in my opinion, better-looking.

We’ll tell you more in the upcoming review.