Those who regularly visit this page are certainly informed that some next action cameras meant to be reviewed found their way to our editorial staff. Both cameras have been lent to us by and we are really grateful for that gesture.

So what cameras are we speaking about? As the name of this article suggests, one of them is the miniature camera Polaroid Cube and the second on is SJCAM M10 Cube. These cameras are in the same price range so we’ll compare them to each other in this review and we’ll see which one is a better choice.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at a slightly cheaper Polaroid Cube whose proportions are 35 x 35 x35 mm. This camera came in a transparent plastic box which seems to be quite fragile. As you can see on the photos, the long trip gave it a hard time. Fortunately, the camera itself has survived and nothing is stopping us from introducing and then reviewing it.

The Cube itself sits on its stand where it’s held using a magnet at the bottom. The manual and a short USB cable can be also found in the box. Who would’ve expected at least one mount has bad luck.

The Polaroid Cube camera is designed beautifully. The body is covered by soft rubber so it looks like mild falling won’t damage it. However, keep it off water when not using the case. According to the manufacturer, the camera is resistant to splashing water only. The only control button is located at the top of the camera, therefore using it won’t be very comfortable. The mentioned magnet is located at the bottom of the camera and it’s strong enough to place the camera to a car hood for example. A brilliant idea, one would say, but one magnet can’t be a substitution for plenty of accessories which is a standard for many of its competitors. At the back, there’s a connector cap which is not very practical either. We can access it with a coin, for instance. Under the cap we can find a microUSB connector, a memory card slot and a FullHD/HD switch.

We’ll share more information in the forthcoming review.