Selfies are still popular. With the growing interest in drones, „dronies“ are entering the scene – these are images shot by a drone.

Currently, there are a few drones available that are capable of shooting a good image, although these devices can’t really fit in your pocket. The Zero Zero Robotics company has introduced a drone Hover Camera. It’s made of carbon fibers and its weight is 238 grams. Therefore, it’s possible to fly it even in the U.S. where you have to register every drone heavier than 250 grams. Inside of the frame there are propellers so it’s impossible to hurt somebody with the drone, if we don’t consider dropping it. Hover Camera has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and a 13 Mpx camera with an electronic stabilization and a flash. It’s possible to record a 4K video and even 360° shots.

Hover Camera can recognize faces and thanks to that, it can follow you constantly. The estimated price is 600$.

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