If you have 1.5 million USD on your bank account and desire to have a civil submarine with breathtaking functions, then all you need to do is buy DeepFlight Dragon. Why are we mentioning the submarine on a drone website? Simply because its creators were inspired by a drone.

The author of the whole idea is an engineer and sub-architect Graham Hawkes. As he said, he was looking for an uncommercial craft which would be easy to control, capable of stopping, able to float and change directions, and enable its users to experience something awesome under water without any special courses or previous experience. What has inspired him then? According to his statement there were two things. The first one was the aerodynamic shape and design of F1 and the second was the gear and handling of air drones.

In fact, the idea of developing a civil mini-submarine came up at an airline conference where he realized that a quadcopter can carry the full person’s weight although not in the air but using the pressure and density under water. That’s how this two-seat underwater drone was created. It’s 5 meters long, 1.9 meters wide and it weighs 1800 kg. It’s capable of diving in the depth of 120 meters’ maximum and can carry incredible 250 kg. Frankly speaking, I would appreciate this kind of toy at home so I should already start saving.

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