Hope you guys didn’t wait too long for another episode of tips. Today we’ll take a look under water surface and then we’ll head back onto the ground again.

Waterproof LED light

Waterproof (up to 30m) LED light is easy to mount on camera. However it¨s not limited to underwater use only as many may find it convenient to use for example at night or dark places. The battery life is about one hour. The light including battery and various mounts can be bought for $28,48.


Windshield suction cup

Action cam is not only good for use in outdoor applications, but it’s growing more in popularity as a dashcam. Using this holder you can mount your camera to the windshield of your car. Furthermore you’ll get an extra car charger for your camera. The whole set costs $4,98.


Outdoor suction cup

Do you need to mount your camera to the side window of your car, your motorbike or even boat? No problem for this suction cup as it may help you get some quite extraordinary shots. You can get one here for $9,88.


What other kinds of acccessories do you use? Feel free to share your ideas with us.