Chinese manufacturers can handle the demand smoothly and thanks to that, we can become familiar with the first 360° Chinese action camera Amkov AMKS100S.

The future of cameras will surely take this path. Even the big names like LG or Samsung have introduced their own solution in the field of 360° cameras. The AMKOV company is not lagging behind and keeps up their pace.

AMKOV AMK100S has the Sunplus 6350 processor and an 8 Mpx sensor. The maximum resolution achievable is 1920 x 1440P at 30 fps. The battery with the capacity of 1000 mAh is replaceable and according to the manufacturer it should provide 2 hours of an uninterrupted recording, but I wouldn’t take it seriously. The camera’s size is 51 x 42 x 34,6 mm and it weighs 84 grams. They even found a spot for a 0,96” display.

The camera is currently on presale for less than 130$ but if you use the code “FCKAC” while ordering, you will get a 22$ discount.