The Chinese well-known company Xiaomi produces smartphones, tablets, TVS, air conditioners and much more. They just are not afraid of trying new things. A personal transporter NineBot Mini based on a gyroscope principle was introduced a while ago. There have been some rumors about them releasing a new product and this time, they’re reaching for the top. We should be expecting a pilotless plane – a drone.

Even though Xiaomi denied these rumors, it does not mean a thing because it’s quite common within the companies of this kind. Action cameras and drones have become very attractive lately so it would rather be a surprise if the popular Chinese manufacturer didn’t even try.

Supposedly, it should be a reasonably priced drone. However, there’s a possibility that a camera might not be part of the package. In this case you would have to use your own, like Xiaomi Yi Sport.

At this moment it’s all we know about the forthcoming drone and as soon as we know something more, we will share it with you immediately.

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