Sky Fighter has entered the market with the cheap quadcopter JY001 which is ideal for beginners.

Because of its price, it can compete with the drones such as Syma X11 or JJRC H6C which is now being reviewed by us. A huge advantage of Sky Fighter JY001 is the ReturnToHome button and a „headless“ mode that makes it easier for beginners to control.

The Sky Fighter’s size is 13 x 13 x 4,5 cm and the 380mAh battery keeps it in the air for 8 minutes’ maximum. Then it is necessary to recharge the battery which lasts approximately 40 minutes. There is a 2 MPx HD camera that saves all the recordings on a micro SD card. The 6-axis stabilization assures a stabile flight and the controller range is 100 meters.


In the package you can find everything you need including the 2 GB micro SD card and a USB reader.

To purchase Sky Fighter JY001 for 35.99$, click here.

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