As you know, drones are surely entering our lives more and more. They can be used for different reasons like exploring inaccessible or dangerous places, taking pictures and shooting videos. There are even plans to use them for package delivery. Let’s focus on a brand new concept – this obedient drone will do anything you tell it to do.

For now, the purpose of the Lily drone is to shoot leisure time activities without your need to control it all the time. Usually drones aren’t easy to handle, especially for the beginners who must practice a lot before they shoot a good video, because the quality of the whole shot is based on the skill of the person that controls it.

However, the Lily project is suitable for the beginners and the ones who are able to handle a quadcopter as well, because all you need to do is to release it – then it flies itself.


The package of this medium sized waterproof drone contains a remote control that allows you to let the drone “stick” to you and then follow you. There’s a GPS locator and other sensors which recognize what your activity is – for example if you’re ski jumping, the camera automatically switches to “low-motion” mode.

To control the drone, you only need to throw it in the air, then it follows you as you move. The resolution of the camera is 12 Mpx. It is capable of shooting videos in FullHD at 30 fps or HD at 60 fps. The drone’s flight speed can reach up to 40 km/h. It can stay in the air for 20 minutes. It must stay in 30 meters’ maximum distance from you. According to the manufacturer, the drone might be even faster and have a greater reach but it’s not the point of the concept. The main purpose is to shoot videos which could make Lily a tough competitor to GoPro.


Even though it’s just a concept, you can preorder it for 499$. The price is going to raise to 999$. It’s no cheap device but in the comparison with professional drones which cost like 1500$ it is a reasonable price, mainly speaking in terms of preordering.

You can order yours here, on the official website.