Nowadays the price of waterproof drones has gone down. GPtoys has developed a low price quadcopter and landing on water won’t do any harm to it.

Does GPtoys H2O Aviax remind you of something? Yes, it’s another clone of Syma X5 quadcopter. The manufacturer states that the waterproofness is safe in the depth of 7 meters’ maximum. But that doesn’t apply to the batteries which aren’t very fond of water. The waterproofness is rather intended for an unavoidable stay in water than for a water surface take-off. The drone can fly for up to 10 minutes per battery – there are two of them in the package. Camera is not included but there’s no problem in purchasing it later. The range is 100 m and the maximal height 80 m.

GPtoys H20 Aviax is currently in sale for 49.99$ here.