GoPro – a well-known manufacturer of action cameras – is working on their own drone. The first video from this drone was shared and GoPro claims that no additional effects have been applied.

Why did the company decide to build a drone on their own? There’s plenty of room for various speculations, so I’m going to tell you my opinion.

Considering that most of the popular drone manufacturers choose a built-in camera – because this way the drone weighs less and it forgoes possible compatibility issues – GoPro is losing lot of money. The number of drones is going to increase and if they don’t react in time, it might cost them much more. That gives them two options: to make a contract with the manufacturers and supply them with the cameras, or to choose their own path. It seems they chose the second one and here we have a teaser.

Even though it’s just a prototype, the quality of the image stabilization can’t be denied.

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