Most of the drones are equipped with a camera but in this case the manufacturer made a difference. The Elanview company took a basic camera and put it on a structure that enables flying. That’s how Cicada was made. However, there’s no big difference between quadcopter and Elanview Cicada except for the look.

Cicada is equipped with a 16 Mpx Sony sensor which is capable of shooting FullHD videos at 30 fps. Thanks to the angle of 169° you won’t miss anything. We can take up to 10 pictures in burst mode by pressing just one button. The drone has the FPV function so you can see everything in real time on your smartphone.

The size of the quadcopter is 238 x 238 x 87 and it weighs 235 grams. It’s pretty compact so it’s ideal to be taken with you on your trip. The maximum speed is 10 km/h and the range is 100 meters. The accumulator with the capacity of 1000 mAh assures enough energy for 15 minutes of flying, as the manufacturer says. I personally think it won’t be that long. The only advanced function is a return-home button. It seems that GPS is missing.

The price of Elanview Cicada is 399$ and is currently on presale.