Even though our blog is at the very beginning, we’ve already got a strategic partner, who provides us some interesting shopping tips and furthermore, a discount on quadcopters – drones. So if you’re thinking about buying a drone and you haven’t decided yet, there’s one that could help you with your decision – DM007 NightHawk.

It is a drone for those of you who just discovered how fun having a drone is. The device named DM007 NightHawk belongs to the lower middle class but considering the price it is one of the better ones you can get. The positive reviews say it all.

The black or white-colored drone functions at the frequency of 2,4GHz and has an integrated battery with the capacity of 380 mAh that assures an uninterrupted 8-minute flight. According to the manufacturer, the transmitter’s range enables you to control the drone from up to 150 m distance. In the controlling unit itself you can find four 1,5V AA batteries. However, they are not part of the package. The drone is being charged using the provided charger and the charging takes approximately 80 minutes.

The 6-axis quadcopter’s size is 21 x 18,5 x 8cm (medium sized). Although it might seem to be a toy at first sight, I don’t recommend lending it to children without your supervision. This is based on my own experience and frankly, I know how dangerous it can become in the hands of the irresponsible – even when it is a small machine. Never underestimate it.


Based on the feedback, the drone has a very good integrated camera considering the price. The camera is capable of recording videos in HD. Hand in hand with four separate engines, the 6-axis gyroscope makes the flight very smooth even when it’s windy. The drone is made for both inside and outside flying and has a night mode as well.

You can purchase this drone for an incredible price of 35,99$