It’s no big secret that Amazon is planning to use drones for package delivery. In 2013 the US Amazon asked FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for permission to test pilotless drones. Even though they’ve got it, the testing is being held in Canada, just a couple of meters away from the US border. The parcel delivery company wasn’t comfortable with the conditions the US government had set.

In Canada, they got the permission a long time ago and are not restricted that much. The location of the testing is approximately 600 meters away from the US border. Their research is moving forward pretty fast.

The goal is to build up a drone that weighs up to 25 kg which would be able to accelerate up to 85 km/h with carrying capacity of 2,5 kg. This drone will be used to deliver parcels to places that are 16 km away and more. It will fly at the height of 60 m to 150 m, so that it could fly above the buildings.

Do you think that this concept is the future of mailing or is it just a dead end and we will never see its mass expansion?

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